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Skills Development Levy (SDL)

Under the Skills Development Levies Act, 1999 employers who pay their employees R500,000 per annum or can reasonably expect to do so within the following 12 months are required to pay a monthly development levy (SDL) of 1% of their employees’ gross salaries.

Mandatory Grants to Employers

In terms of the SETAs Grant Regulations, an employer who pays SDL can claim 50% back as a mandatory grant provided that it complies with the relevant eligibility criteria. (Note, the previous reduction of this percentage has been effectively reversed by the labour Court).

Claim Procedures

The requirements to claim the mandatory and discretionary grants are complex and involve strict annual time limits. Our outsource expert specialises in and has extensive knowledge and experience in these claims.

Discretionary Grants to Employers

In addition to the mandatory grant, there is also a discretionary grant under which employers who meet the requirements can claim a contribution to the cost of training provided to their employees.

Procedure Outline
  1. Ascertain which SETA you are currently registered with and confirm that it’s the correct SETA for your organisation;
  2. perform an analysis of your company’s training requirements, identifying internal skills development needs;
  3. compile and submit a workplace skills’ plan, annual training report and pivotal report (where the latter is required);
  4. assist with the implementation of a training committee;
  5. ensure your company complies with the current legislation;
  6. register a skills development facilitator (SDF);
  7. to establish a skills development committee if your business employs more than fifty employees;
  8. to convene meetings with the committee with respect to the skills plan;
  9. recommend and arrange suitable training courses.

To download the relevant legislation and regulations, visit our document library.

For a list of SETAS applicable to the various South African industries, visit this page.

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